Capturing the true moments between the posed

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About Angela Deldin

I love what I do! How blessed am I.

My career as a photographer literally grew up around me. Friends saw my work and began asking me to take pictures of their families. Those pictures became holiday cards and gifts sent to others, and soon more people were asking me to take their portraits and photograph their events. When a wedding photographer noticed my work and asked me to shoot for her company, I was officially hooked.

Now my passion has become my business!

Working with children and their families comes naturally to me. Growing up, I was the oldest of five siblings. My first career was an elementary school teacher and I taught for thirteen years before making the decision to stay home with my own children. I have two beautiful kids whom are my favorite subjects to photograph. Life is good!

I can't wait to meet you and use my passion and talents for photography to make some wonderful memories for you and your family.

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